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Welcome to Lepsta

Lepsta is a software development platform that helps developers produce high-quality software, fast. If you are looking for technical documentation, then you are in the right place. If you prefer something less technical, please take a look at our blog instead.


If you already know what you are looking, please use the search feature on the top lefthand corner of the screen. This will help you find anything on this website.

Main topics

  • How Lepsta works
  • Try Lepsta for the first time
  • Use Lepsta on existing Git repositories

Development goals

This website is still under development. Below is the checklist detailing the sections we have completed so far.

  • Documentation website deployed
  • Assembled a team of documentation developers
  • Documented basic "getting started" guides
  • Integrating Uju commandline reference
  • Migrated issue documentation from the blog
  • Hyperlinking existing content on other websites
  • Developing the Lepsta Platform changelog
  • Search engine optimisation