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uju init

uju init

Initialize a new repo


This command will initialize a repo from existing source, or create a brand new one of it doesn't already exist.

uju init <path> --[options] [flags]


  -r, --git-remote string   Git remote when you want to convert an existing Git repo to Uju
  -h, --help                help for init
  -i, --id string           Optional id of the repo, else the id will be generated
  -j, --json                Returns output as a JSON string
  -n, --name string         Optional name of the repo, else the directory name will be used
  -p, --password string     [optional] Password for your account at
  -s, --server              Run repo in server replica mode. If not set, the repo runs in client replica mode.
  -u, --username string     Username on
  -v, --verbose             Show all output
  -y, --yes-all             Answers Yes to all prompts

Options inherited from parent commands

  -A, --deamon_address string   The URL of the System daemon (default "http://localhost:6060")
      --repo string             Repo ID, name or path to use for the current operation


  • uju - A version control tool for source code
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